Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Going With the Flow
The only effective way to use creative visualization is "going with the flow." That means that you don't have to "effort" to get where you want to go; you simply put it out clearly to the universe where you would like to go, and then patiently and harmoniously follow the flow of the river of life until it takes you there.
Going with the flow means holding onto your goals lightly (even though they may seem very important) and being willing to change them if something better comes along. Going with the flow is the balance between keeping your destination clearly in mind, and yet also enjoying all the beautiful scenes along the way, and even being willing to change your destination if life starts carrying you in a better direction. The only successful manifestation is one which brings about a change or growth in consciousness; revealed it more fully, as well as having manifested a form...


Blogger Craig said...

Parapharsing a TV show, "if you keep both eyes on the desination you do not have an eye to see the path". Paraphrasing the same show, "we all do not have a desination, we all have a destiny".
Liking your blog, :-]

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